Going crazy at home? Need a night away but staying safe? Sign up for a virtual Canvas & Cocktails party and we'll paint and sip the stress away together! 

We can supply you with a canvas, paints, paint brushes, and an easel. The canvas & the paints are yours to keep. The brushes and easel will be on loan. We can pick them back up from your front porch, or you can hold on to them and sign up for another virtual party!

Book Now!


We've got several options to choose from:

If you live in or around El Campo, we'll bring the supplies to you! You'll get the Zoom link, as well as a canvas, paint, and your "on loan" brushes and easel. We can drop off your paint party package at your front porch, or you can pick it up out front of The Workshop at a predetermined time.


If you live outside of the El Campo area, you're still invited! 

We'll put your paint party package into the mail as soon as you sign up. You will receive the link to the Zoom party and a package put together just for you will be on its way soon. 

Everything in the package is yours to keep! You'll get a disposable easel, a canvas, a compostable apron and tablecloth, and all the paints and brushes you need for this painting.

Note - mailing things takes a few days so be sure to sign up early.

You will reserve the link to the Zoom party but you'll need to get yourself some paint, paint brushes, a canvas, and probably an easel. (We will send you a suggested supply list with some Amazon links.)


After attending quite a few Zoom happy hours, I am super confident this is going to be a blast. 

I'll be there to guide you and help when you get stuck just like you were here in person, but you can drink twice as much because you don't have to drive home!

I can't wait! Reserve your spot today!




Brush & Easel deposit

After you have signed up for our virtual Canvas & Cocktails. We will send you an invoice for the deposit of $15. Once paid, this deposit will cover the easel and brushes that Pam will drop off on your porch o (when she drops off your canvas & paint) This deposit will be reimbursed after the easel & brushes have been picked up from your porch the next day. BUT you are also welcome to keep them for the next party or just keep them to use. Just let us know what works for you!

(If the easel and brushes have been damaged beyond repair the full amount of the deposit will not be reimbursed.)

Out of Towners

Easel assembly demo.