Paint Brushes


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If you've ever heard of Painting with a Twist™ or Pinot's Palette™, you've got the basic premise.

The idea is that most people think art is hard and scary and you have to be an expert to enjoy it, but that's simply not true. It can be relaxing, rewarding, and enjoyable even if you've never picked up a paintbrush and you couldn't draw a stick figure to save your life.

Get together with friends and see how much fun creating can be with the help of our talented and friendly instructors.

We have lots of custom paintings, crafts, and other projects to choose from, and we can also work with you to develop a custom project for your group of up to 30 people.

P.S. (Alcohol IS NOT required! It's just a cute name, and obviously alcohol is not allowed for anyone under 21. In our opinion, a glass of wine makes art even more fun, but you should feel free to be yourself, whether that includes drinking or not.)



You've got a few options.....

We regularly host public Canvas & Cocktails parties. If you see one you like, just reserve your spot! Or call/text 979-353-1903 to reserve your spot and pay that night. It's that's easy.


We also work with clients to put together custom Canvas & Cocktails parties. To start that process, give us a call at 979-353-1903 or head over to the online booking page and choose a date and time, and we'll get back to you shortly to talk about how to create your perfect group art experience.